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Men & Miscarriage

I am offering a new incentive to men who have experienced Miscarriage/Loss/Stillbirth. I have come to realise just how difficult it is for men to be open about their grief, sadly a high percentage of men would avoid talking about their feeling/emotions with regards to bereavement of a baby through miscarriage. I have a new …

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I Just Want To Be A Dad!

This can be one of the most distressing cries of men. That desire to become a dad, to hold a small bundle of life in your cradling arms. To hear those coos and to tend to those tears and cries. Why do I say ‘distressing cries’, well, sadly for some, miscarriage can end within the …

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Stealin’ Time

It’s been a relaxing afternoon here in Laidlaw Towers. I have been listening to music and sifting through some of my Dartmoor photos.One of the songs was ‘Stealin’ Time’ by Gerry Rafferty! The lyric I’ll share meant a lot to me. Here are the lyrics… Stealin’ time, I’ve been stealin’ timeBut I don’t feel guilty, …

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