Communication has changed a little in our recent history and we were introduced to new ways of communicating. I’d not experienced a Pandemic in my lifetime before and if I’m honest, I was very uncertain of what would lie ahead with regards to social gatherings. I remember feeling a little isolated.

Take this to the next stage, where maybe you lived on your own or were isolated from your friends and family. The usual way to contact would be by using the landline or if you were fortunate enough to own a smartphone with FaceTime or WhatsApp where you could set up a visual conversation with your loved ones.

Then there was the introduction of Zoom, where you could have several people all in the same chat dialogue.

This was useful to those who could not attend a face-to-face session with their counsellor.

Andrew offers this option to communicate with clients in their own homes via Zoom.

If you feel nervous about meeting someone face-to-face, then we have the option to set up regular events to talk.

Please feel free to use the Contact Form to make an online appointment to receive the therapy you need from the comfort of home.