Andrew Laidlaw

Andrew is a qualified Counsellor, serving South Devon and Cornwall, including Plymouth, Tavistock, Saltash and Dartmoor.

Andrew has completed a Level 4 Advanced Diploma in Counselling: graduating from Heartwood College of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Andrew has also completed courses in Pastoral Care and has a number of years experience working in the education system, working with children with additional needs.

Andrew uses a range of methods to suite his clients needs. Andrew’s specialism is offering Walk Talk sessions to break away from the four walls of the therapy room.

Andrew has a warm and out-going personality, is easily approachable and walks alongside his clients in a non-judgemental manner.

The key components in Andrew’s therapeutic relationship is that his clients feel heard, supported, accepted and not judged.

Andrews key beliefs are that everyone is entitled to have a voice, their opinions count, and that each person is valued and is accepted.

Andrew has experience in walking alongside people who have depression, who have been bereaved or who just find life and all it’s complexities too difficult to carry alone.

Engaging in therapy and seeing transformation, and restoration of people’s lives as they take ownership of their therapy is what Andrew seeks to achieve. The process of therapy is often about seeing a light spark into areas of darkness that provides hope to enable the individual to have a better future, managing their emotions.