Revisiting Grief

I have just started to read this superb book by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross entitled ‘On Grief and Grieving’ which she wrote alongside co-author David Kessler. On opening the pages and revisiting some of the areas of grief that I had encountered on many occasions, I found myself welling up with tears of those losses.

Each persons way of grieving is different, some push things internally, some take on so much work or busyness to distract themselves from their pain. Others cannot cope and so turn to a bottle or a substance to get by’

I remember all of the stages of grief that I went through as a young man, watching my beloved wife losing babies in miscarriage and still birth. That denial, the anger etc…so revisiting this was a difficult process, made easier knowing that I had done a lot of healing in the recent years.

Healing does come through acceptance of the death of our loved ones. It takes a lot of talking, listening, weeping and frustration, but we do come through that tunnel of grief and become stronger individuals.

If you have experienced loss then my advice would be to talk to someone about how you feel. Emotionally it can be draining but with the support of a family member or close friend, you can take comfort.

I highly recommend Kubler-Ross’ book on how we grieve, such an eye opener and it did trigger emotion yet gave me a clearer understanding of bereavement and grief.