Is It Time to Reconnect?

Ok so this shot was taken just before I met a client for a walking/talking session. 
The elements weren’t too kind to us to be fair.
On reflection, the walk was great and the discussion enriching.

Earlier in the week I’d taken a session in the bright warm sunshine, by a river in an idyllic setting! Whereas today; as mentioned, the elements were so different. The only similarity was this…

Two people escaping the humdrum of life and the freedom of talking and listening in whatever the weather can be so refreshing as worries and burdens begin to unravel. 
I find it such a reward to see transformation in lives that may simply need a little encouragement or just someone to listen…
We often make good connection when we’re not distracted, sometimes just being still and connecting with our surroundings is all we need.

If you have the inner desire to reconnect, not just with a human being but with nature and the sense of reality, why not try a session of Walking/Talking Therapy by using the Contact Form provided.